Monday, April 15, 2013

Introducing "Wargames of 1939"

Hello, and welcome to my blog about the forthcoming turn-based strategy game for Android, called by the working title of "Wargames of 1939".

The game is based on the same game engine as in my two previously released games, Populus Romanus and Populus Romanus II: Britannia, but has some new tweaks to accommodate for the modern warfare (trenches, railroads, prestige points with which the player can request more troops from HQ, unit naming, etc). 

I've been slowly but steadily developing the game since last year, and estimate to get it released on Google Play and Amazon Appstore likely somewhere during the summer vacations. 

A few screenshots about the game will be posted some nearby weekend when I have the time to touch up the graphics to a more finished state. :-)

Meanwhile, have fun with the previous games:

Populus Romanus full version on Google play (Click here for demo version)

Links to Amazon Appstore: full, free

Populus Romanus II: Britannia full version on Google play (Click here for demo version)
Links to Amazon Appstore: full, free

(I have also a blog dedicated to the above games at:


  1. Hello, I had a suggestion about a scoring function for your games which I put in a comment on your site
    The same thing looks as if it should work in this game, healing units would reduce the score by using "money" up, but buying new units would not impact the score unless they were killed.

    1. Thanks for the comment! This idea will be used at least for planning the next game. Not sure if I will add scoring/leaderboard to this one, at least initially. Might do that in some forthcoming update though.

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