Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Here are a few screenshots of "Wargames of 1939" as promised a while earlier. The game is nearing its completion, but I estimate there is still at least a few weeks to go (I'm working on the game on my free time, which is quite a limited resource currently). Have a look at the images, you can click on the thumbnails to enlarge them to actual size!

Intro screen

Current list of scenarios. There will be 3 more still  (Battle of Lodz, Battle of Kobryn and Battle of Kock, of which the last one will be released some time after the initial release)

Starting a scenario

A typical map view from the game. Icons from top to bottom: 1) Help pages, 2) Zoom in , 3) Zoom out (zooming can be also done with pinch/expand gesture), 4) Go to next unit with movement points left, 5) Go to game menu, 6) End turn.

Moving a unit. The text at top describes current unit's statistics: attack strength against non-armoured units (soft attack), attack strength against armoured units (hard attack), defense value, and movement speed.

You can freely name your units or change existing names, 
making them like Panzer III "Guderian".

On AI turn, you get info about AI's attacks at the bottom of the screen.

Hooray! Own artillery just defended a nearby infantry unit by firing at the AI's tank which was on the offensive. (Each artillery has one chance to fire on an attacker within range, during other player's turn.)

Showcasing some new features: railways (used by armoured train units), trenches (large defense bonus to infantry units), and built-up area (town/city, smaller defense bonus to infantry units)

You get "prestige points" per turn for possessing supply points or victory points...

... and if you possess a supply point, you can use prestige points for getting reinforcement units.

A unit that has been damaged can also be healed with those prestige points (see the "heart" icon at the right side), but ONLY if it has a safe route (area controlled by the player) between it and a supply point.

Map, zoomed out.

The help pages explain basic info about the units and how to play the game.