Monday, July 6, 2015

Scenario list for Wargames of Normandy

Hello! Here's the scenario list for the upcoming game (changes might still happen depending on how playtesting goes, if some scenario just doesn't make a good playing experience):

Scenario 1: D-Day (Operation Neptune, 6.6.1944)
Scenario 2: Battle of Cherbourg (22.6-30.6.1944)
Scenario 3: Battle for Caen (18-21.6.1944)
Scenario 4: Operation Cobra 25-31.7.1944
Scenario 5: Operation Lüttich 7-13.8.1944
Scenario 6: Operation Totalize 8.8-13.8.1944
Scenario 7: Operation Tractable (a.k.a. Falaise pocket) 12-21.8.1944
Scenario 8: Battle for Brest 7.8-19.9.1944

Just google for the names of operations to get a feel of where the action takes place in each of them :) 

What comes to the new features (when compared to Wargames of 1939) ... there are things like:

- Air missions (paradrop, bombard, reconnaissance flight)
- New units (air defense, mobile infantry, stationary artillery nests)
- Landing crafts in first mission

Of release date, it's "I will release when it's ready and good enough".

Oh and one more thing: If you want to support the development of Wargames of Normandy, best way to do so is to buy any of the previous games listed at ! The little income from those games is what enables me to spend time working on new games.


  1. Excellent! What's the Eta?

    I already have all your previous games.

  2. Hey man I love your games don't stop making them.

  3. Hey man I love your games don't stop making them.

  4. Look forward to it and many more. Your games my favorite

  5. Same here. I've played and enjoyed all three of your releases so far.

  6. Looking forward to new campaigns. When's the Beta?

  7. Ditto, I own the three I know of, as soon as I see a fourth one I'll pick it up.

  8. I have all the games..Love them

  9. I have all the games..Love them

  10. Been a year since the blog. Any news? There are people anxiously waiting for any of your games!

  11. Just bought Wargames of 1939 via link in Populus Romanus (great game). Am trying to figure out how to repair units from deployment point... No luck with figuring that out so far.

    1. Each unit has a zone of control. Units may only be reinforced if there is a clear line of control back to the deployment point. If there are multiple deployment points, find the one that allows you to request new units. This is the point that all units must link back to for reinforcements.

      I like using light infantry to form a "daisy chain" back to my supply point. As long as no opposing forces get into your rear, your troops will be able to resupply as long as you have sufficient supply points.

  12. Please don't stop making your games! Can't wait for Normandy. Cheers!

  13. Any news. Ready for a new game from you.

  14. More please more. How can we do our own games please tell

  15. Im really hoping the Normandy game will be released, please can you give us an update? the last game was 4 years ago

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  17. Sometimes I check back here to see if there's going to be another game. I wonder what happened to Niku. I'd like to think he got a job at some great developmer house. These games are the best for mobile I've ever played.